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Unglücklicherweise bin ich bisher da nur runter gefahren mit dem Rad.Norway’s very own Stelvio. This is Lysebotn. It features a 9km climb at over 9%. It’s accessible via a ferry at the foot of the fjord, and it features stunning views, tunnels and amazing #switchbacks en route to its summit at just over 900m high. ...

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#cycling #lagodigarda #puntaveleno #pradaalta #salsacycles #salsacolossal #racebike ...

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"Du brauchst eine Datenschutzerklärung in einfacher Sprache", haben sie gesagt.

Hold my beer. https://t.co/rllNU2QZhr
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So much chatter right now, so let’s focus on what’s important:

Pretty sure this means that we’ll all get free Acrobat licenses for life.*

*probably not

People killed in 2015 by:

Mosquitoes: 830,000
Humans: 580,000
Snakes: 60,000
Sandflies: 24.200
Dogs: 17,400
Kissing Bugs: 8,000
Scorpions: 3,500
Tsetse flies: 3,500
Tapeworms: 1,600
Crocodiles: 1,000
Lions: 100
Bees: 60
Tigers: 50
Jellyfish: 40
Wolves: 10
Sharks: 6


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